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You Are Not Broken

You are NOT broken.

It’s so important that you know you aren’t broken even if you feel that way.

This feeling — this sense of brokenness —  is one of the main reasons I HATE BREAKUPS!

Here I am years away from my last break-up, and I still hate them….however, it may not be for the reason you think.

Breakups suck for all of the obvious reasons.

They hurt.

We have to make drastic life changes.

We have to see our Aunt Jo-Jo who’s dying for us to get married and explain what happened.

We have to collect our stuff, return stuff, take stuff back, delete stuff and get over stuff, but that’s not the reason I hate them.

I hate break-ups because so often they reduce us to crumpled up pieces of ourselves, and they make us, instead of the relationship, feel broken.

Sistas who are normally fly wind up with noses runnier than a toddler who’s just start daycare in the middle of cold season.  Mascara running, bundled up under a snuggie, cuddled up with her cat named Sox, binging on her fav ice cream (hey, I gotta cash in on the stereotypes), mindlessly checking her phones for a new text or a notification on Facebook or Insta.

It’s so easy in these moments to assume that because a relationship is broken that we are broken.  It’s easy to believe that the other woman has something you don’t.  It’s easy to buy into the lie that we are not enough, but it’s not true.

Just because your hopes and dreams have been shattered, it doesn’t mean that you need to fall into 100 different pieces.

I want you to speak these words out loud.

I am loved.

I am beautiful.

I am worthy.

I am whole.

I am complete.

I have purpose.

I have value.

I have strength.

I am more than this situation.

My value lies in who I am not in the relationship I’m in.

I am more than enough.

My life matters.

My presence is felt.

I make an impact wherever I go.

I grace people with present and I bless them with my smile.

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