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How I Met My Husband: A Story of God’s Provision – Pt. 1


Lebanon1About five months ago, a perfect set of events came together in my life. Simply put, I experienced God’s generosity.  He gave, and He just keeps on giving.  He gave so much there was an overflow.

I was in a state of suspense at the time – just returning from a 2 1/2 year stint in the Middle East, where I worked for a University running their Office of Communications.  I knew returning home was the next step in my life, but I didn’t know what I was coming home to.

About a week after my return, I felt this nudging inside to go to some conferences.  I wasn’t sure why, but the urge was strong, so I followed it, and I found two conferences.  One was about Youth Evangelism.  The other was called the One Project.  The only problem is the One Project was sold out.  Even still, I felt I needed to be there…

The day the conference started, I went over to the hotel where it was being held and searched out the event coordinator.  Though I was close to talking myself out of it many times, I finally mustered up the courage and explained the situation to him.  He kindly allowed me to register for the event.

I wanted to be at the One Project because I know there, they would be talking about Jesus, and I was hungry to be around people like that and to hear conversations like that.

Prior to attending both conferences, I whispered a small prayer: “God, help me to be open to meeting the people you want me to meet.”  I wasn’t sure who this might be.  I just knew I was transitioning back to my country after almost three years of being away.  I thought this might be an opportunity to promote my book or to find employment.  I had no idea what God was planning in my life…


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