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How Rachel Met Peter: God’s Love Story – Pt. 15

I was speaking with Pete this morning about how to end our 14-blog-post saga (but not our relationship).  I wondered how you end something that has just started.  He said something so poignant that I invited him to write the blog post.  He judiciously said I was doing such a good job of telling our story that I should conclude it.  I say, it’s always easier to direct from the side than to write the script.  Anyway, his big takeaway from it all is that we never know from day-to-day where God will lead our lives.  And it’s so very true!

He asked, if at the beginning of the year if I would have ever imagined picking up my life and moving to Australia to be with the person God placed in my life.  Of course I had to respond no!  He asked himself the same, if at the beginning of the year he would have imagined meeting a girl from Chicago as wonderful as me (Hey, I invited him to write the story.  When I write it, I can tell it from my perspective).  He too had to respond no.  We thought over the drastic changes that have occurred in the lives of some of our friends in the last year, and in each case, situations have happened that they never would have predicted.  The only constant is God.

That’s what we take away from all of this. While we love each other deeply, we are convinced that the only constant in our lives in our relationship with God.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  While something may happen to Peter or I, we know that God will forever remain the same, and we find hope and comfort in this.

So as we end this part of our story, we pray that you too will find constant hope and consistency in God.  We pray that God will always be the source of your strength.  We are grateful that God has brought us together and that we can use our relationship to bring other people closer to Him.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the comments, likes and follows from many of you over the past 14 posts.  We’ll be posting updates on our lives as we experience things that might bring people closer to God.


May the joy of the Lord always be your strength!


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  1. It is minutes to 2 am EST and I literally breezed through this entire story. I’m speechless. So powerful and beautiful. Will def. be reading and this was so wonderfully written. I’ll probably read it again. Thank you for sharing your powerful message. It’s inspiring and encouraging.

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