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Beyond the Break-up (Day 2)

Welcome to the BEYOND THE BREAK-UP 5-Day Series!

Thank you for trusting me with this moment in time in your life!  I believe you’re going to come through this situation as a more fabulous version of yourself!  Check out today’s video as we work to move beyond the break-up!

Speak the truth about your relationship

It’s important to speak the truth about your former relationship.  Get your most honest friend to help you with this exercise if you need help being objective.

  • Think of all the good that happened in the relationship.  Write it in your journal if it helps you sort your thoughts.  Alternatively, you can record a video (but don’t send it) or a voice file (but don’t send it either)
  • Similarly, think of all the bad that happened in the relationship.  Don’t sugar coat it or try to make it less than what it was.  Be honest with yourself about the situation
  • Speak truth about the future of the relationship.  Do you want restoration.  Do you want to completely let go?
  • This exercise is about understanding yourself, your needs and your expectations for your happiness

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