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Meet Rai

I empower women (like you) to cut through the chaos of hurt, confusion and anger to move beyond their breakups.

My first breakup and my last breakup tore my world apart.

The first because I was young, the relationship was long and the circumstances were scandalous.

The last one because I was older and I thought I had things figured out.

In both cases, I became a version of myself I could barely recognise. Looking back, I would make such different decisions.

I would tell myself life was going to get better, and I would believe I was going to get stronger. I would tell myself to walk away sooner, with more confidence and more strength.

Because I can’t go back and tell my younger self how to navigate the breakups better, I want to empower you with all my experience and help you turn your bitter into better.

It won’t necessarily be easy or quick–because healing takes time–but you will see that you can move beyond the breakup and become more fabulous than you were before.

After that last breakup, I met the guy who would later be my husband, and girl, lemme tell you, every day is a lesson in learning how to navigate life’s relationships and this is the guy who is helping me on that journey.

I’m Rai, a Chi-town girl who’s lived all over the world and Pete and I couldn’t be more different.

He’s an Aussie bloke who loves coffee, a good book and video games. We met serendipitously at a Conference I didn’t know I was attending until the day it started and that Pete travelled over 9,000 miles to attend.

It’s a love story that still blows my mind because of how unlikely it was to come together.  (You can read all the juicy details here)

Before I met Pete, I went through the typical cycle of breaking up and making up.  I sometimes filled relationship voids with men who were time-fillers, while other times, I took too long (read WAAAY to long)  to walk away.

In the months before meeting Peter, God took me on a journey that showed me how He wanted my heart.  It was in this period of time that I learned so many beautiful lessons about relationships.

Right around this time, my first book, Fish Food, was published.  It asks the question, What if God values relationship more than religion.

I wrote Fish Food because I longed for people to see God the way I see Him – a God who longs to have a relationship with us!  A God who loves getting involved in the human story.  A God of compassion and emotion who is attentive and involved.

And now, I empower women to have the life and the relationships they truly desire.

Here are a few places to start you on your journey:

Fun Facts About Me

1. I’ve lived or stayed extensively on five continents – North America, South America, Europe, Asia (in the Middle East) and Australia. I speak Spanish and Portuguese (and English, duh!).  And I know a dabbling of Arabic.

2. I love to run.  I’ve run the Rock ‘n’ Roll half Marathon in Chicago, a half-marathon in Spain and a 10 k Race in Lebanon where I was the only woman running.

3. I also like doing HIIT (high-intensity interval training).  I tried to keep jumping up on boxes during my pregnancy until my foot caught on the box one time and I realised it was time to give the box jumping a rest.

4. Before the natural hair craze really took off, I cut all my hair off like a boy to go natural because I was afraid there wouldn’t be anyone in Spain to do my hair.  During that time, started my first blog was called Natural Noggin that was all about natural hair.

5. Soon after this, I got my ears pierced for the first time, at age 20.

6. I have business degrees in Finance and Accounting and started my career out as an auditor…Can I see your financial statements?

7. I’m proud to say I’ve learned to drive on the left-hand side of the road, but when it comes to directions, I can get lost going from my house to the grocery store.  Somehow my head doesn’t compute maps and roads very well.

8. I have a little boy who is the light of my life.

9. I’m hopeless at baking. Even when following instructions, I’ve made chocolate chip cookies that were flat, salty  and tasted funny, but the little girl I was baking with was so excited to be baking she said they tasted great.

10. One of my best volunteering opportunities was when I was a big sister in Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Chicago!  I’m still looking for a similar opportunity here in Sydney.

Let’s not end the fun here!

Now that you know a little bit about me, let me help you along in your journey!

Are you ready to move beyond your breakup and become your best self?

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