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Let’s Work Together

Imagine being empowered to walk through this breakup with a plan to navigate the emotions, challenges and interactions you’ll face over the next few weeks and months.

💭Imagine having a hand to hold as you sort through your old memories and figure out the lessons you were meant to learn from the relationship.

💭Imagine dealing with all your stuff and your baggage instead of dragging it like dead weight into your next relationship.

💭Imagine a woman who is strong and confident and free to move on to be in the relationship she truly deserves.

💭Imagine that I am describing you!

In fact, does any of this sound familiar?

✅ You find yourself slipping into the bathroom in public places to cry about your breakup and checking on your ex’s social media to see how he’s doing or if he’s met someone new.

✅ You know you shouldn’t contact your ex, but you just can’t help it, however, it doesn’t seem to help the situation.

You keep trying to find someone to hookup with to fill the void the loss of the relationship has created.

You sometimes hear a little voice in your head telling you you’re not important, which causes you to feel rejected.

You hear people telling you everything’s going to work out in the end, but it just feels like fluffy mumbo-jumbo stuff.

What can I help you with?

  • Emotional support to push through the confusion and the noise that naturally accompanies a breakup
  • Post-breakup planning to help you identify your support system, figure out what you want and sort through your emotions
  • Support in identifying and engaging a certified counselor to provide you with further support if you want.
  • Self reflection and affirmation to reinforce messages of self-confidence, positivity and love to empower you for your next relationship.

Here’s how I’ve helped Dave from California

My recent breakup wasn’t very pleasant. I received a text at work, without any warning. My ex said, this relationship is not going to work. Don’t text me or call me. It definitely hurt. I chose not to text or call her and ask why. I will always respect someone’s wishes. I haven’t heard from my ex since. Your help was instrumental with me getting over the breakup.  

And Barbara from South Carolina

I can’t thank you enough for all the support you have given me. It was a god send to have someone in my corner there with me whenever I needed it. Thank you so much for all of your advice and taking the time out of your day to spend some real relief and helping me get through this.

Let’s work together to help you move beyond your breakup through 

Breakup Recovery Coaching + The Beyond the Breakup Jumpstart Survival Plan.  They will…

Empower you to feel in control of your life after feeling like everything is out of your hands – You willl start feeling like the master of your destiny again, even when everything around you feels so out of control

Give you the confidence you need to hold your head up high – Your plan of action and support will empower you to walk through your day more confidently and in control

Guide you through the days ahead when you don’t know what to do – You are not alone. You’ll be guided through the next few weeks when things are out of order and out of control, and this will give you a sense of peace.

Provide you with support that is rooted in personal experience, professional counsel, as well as guided research in the areas of depression, exercise, relationships, calm breathing and health and well being.  

You will receive

  • One Hour Session of Breakup Coaching – The session, which will be recorded, will assess your situation and provide you with guidance in building your support system and creating a plan to help you navigate the upcoming weeks of your breakup.  There will also be a follow-up check-in call two weeks after the initial coaching session.
  • The 30-Day Beyond the Breakup Survival Guide Jumpstart – This guide will give you a daily prompt to encourage you to participate in an activity that’s designed to empower you and help you along the journey.
  • The Beyond the Breakup Survival Guide Workbook – This workbook will walk you through the steps you need to take to start the process of healing and restoration of your heart, your strength and your dignity after your breakup

Why continue to feel powerless and sad?

Don’t hurt or feel powerless for one day longer. Start the healing process now. You are so worth it!

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